Getting Him Passionate About You Again
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Getting Him Passionate About You Again

Hey Ladies!!!
If you feel like your relationship is great EXCEPT that your man isn't asking you to COMMIT 100% and take it "to the next level"...
And you don't know the best way to approach the subject with him, or get things back on track towards an amazing and lasting relationship...
Then there's something you need to know about men...
A man is NOT going to commit because YOU think it's the right move, or because you think it's time.
A man will only lead your relationship towards growth and progress when HE FEELS two things:
1) When he feels that you and your relationship make his life better, instead of more difficult
2) When he feels that intense level of attraction and interest in you to where once he gets to know you, he can't stand the idea of NOT BEING WITH YOU.
Do you know what it takes to make a man WANT to commit, not because he should and it's the right time... but because you're the ONLY woman he ever wants to be with?
If you have a man in your life right now, let me ask you an honest question...
Are you happy with the current state of your relationship?
Have you been experiencing the kind of love and passion in your relationship that makes you feel more confident and emotionally fulfilled?
Have the interactions with the man in your life somehow turned "sour" to where even the slightest look or misspoken word can drive a wedge between you and lead to conflict?
And if you've become aware that it's not just you who sees that the passion is missing, but your man does too...then I'm going to have to INSIST that you WORK ON IT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!
Take a minute, think about this question to yourself and try to answer as honestly as you can.
Here goes...
What is it that takes a relationship with all it's patterns and habits... and makes it suddenly change for the better?
I'll give you a second to take the question in and consider what it is that has the power to change a relationship between two people.Comment when you're through....^.^

11 Comments to Getting Him Passionate About You Again:

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Kadae on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 10:12 AM
First,you have to be confident within yourself to kno that you can give ur man wat he needs to feel self assured and good about himself.You must also take time out to have conversations and comfort eachother in times of there for eachother whether things are good or him that kno matter wat happens you are strong and you will be there for him...And most importantly don't loose interest in the bedroom affairs...plan little games, make it spicy, change things up a bit...makes little notes and leave them where u'll kno he find them..he will really appreciate it!!!
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Natty on Thursday, April 14, 2011 8:42 AM
tht definately is a must work Kadae..confidence is very good withing ones self...with the games and the fun activities making him feel asured,comfort in each other ..all the above..he'll definately appreciate it...and make the relationship better.

Tee on Thursday, April 14, 2011 2:53 PM
Mi an my bf deh together fi 8 years and man sumtimes i'm bored out my mind. but we find ways of reinventing ourselves frequently. rite now, him a look mi an mi a play hard fi get. mi a get di roses and di dates and di chocolate and all a dem sweet tings deh wa woman love. we're falling in luv with each other all over again.
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Sweet N Sexy Den on Thursday, April 14, 2011 9:01 PM
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