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Have Him Beg You For A Commitment

Have you ever been out with friends having a
great time and someone brings up a couple you all
know and says...
"Hey, have you heard the news? So and so just got engaged!"
Of course, you nod along as everyone comments
"Oh that's great", and "They must be so happy".
You're thinking the same thing, but then it hits you...
Why isn't YOUR RELATIONSHIP moving forward? Why doesn't a proposal seem like it's coming any time soon... if at all for you? And why does just keeping your relationship going in the first place seem like a struggle,while other couples are committing, in love,starting a family, and making a future together?
And if that wasn't enough to make you feel awful... you realize that YOUR GUY who's also there hearing about the engagement seems to be
totally avoiding the subject.
Or worse... he's actually bothered and is acting uncomfortable just at the thought of commitment and marriage. If you know what I'm talking about then I've got bad news for you - You've heard about them before, but you didn't
think you would be with one...But you're dating a "commitment-phobe".
Maybe he's afraid of the idea of "forever". Or maybe he just likes the idea that even though you two may have an "understanding" that you are a couple... he still has his "freedom" and he isn't ready for happily ever after.
Or it is POSSIBLE that in the past he freely gave his heart - only to be hurt and to not want to "go there" again? Even with you? As if all this wasn't confusing or frustrating enough to figure out and to deal with...Maybe he's just a normal average guy who doesn't know what he wants. Let me ask you...Have you ever seen a man who you thought would NEVER settle down and get married suddenly meet the right woman and fall deeply in love with her? A few weeks or months earlier this man might have been talking about how he loves his single
life... and how he thinks he might never want to get married... or at least until he's much older. And then the right woman came along and all
that talk went out the window... as he seemed to be magically transformed into a loving, caring, loyal, committed man.
What happened?
Was he lying before about wanting to stay single and not get married?
Or did something change? The truth is that men can come up with TONS of
reasons to NOT commit to a woman exclusively, and to not want to "settle down". But all the many reasons and beliefs that they have can go out the window in a matter of enchanted moments with the right woman.LET'S HEAR YOUR POINTS....

Getting Him Passionate About You Again

Hey Ladies!!!
If you feel like your relationship is great EXCEPT that your man isn't asking you to COMMIT 100% and take it "to the next level"...
And you don't know the best way to approach the subject with him, or get things back on track towards an amazing and lasting relationship...
Then there's something you need to know about men...
A man is NOT going to commit because YOU think it's the right move, or because you think it's time.
A man will only lead your relationship towards growth and progress when HE FEELS two things:
1) When he feels that you and your relationship make his life better, instead of more difficult
2) When he feels that intense level of attraction and interest in you to where once he gets to know you, he can't stand the idea of NOT BEING WITH YOU.
Do you know what it takes to make a man WANT to commit, not because he should and it's the right time... but because you're the ONLY woman he ever wants to be with?
If you have a man in your life right now, let me ask you an honest question...
Are you happy with the current state of your relationship?
Have you been experiencing the kind of love and passion in your relationship that makes you feel more confident and emotionally fulfilled?
Have the interactions with the man in your life somehow turned "sour" to where even the slightest look or misspoken word can drive a wedge between you and lead to conflict?
And if you've become aware that it's not just you who sees that the passion is missing, but your man does too...then I'm going to have to INSIST that you WORK ON IT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!
Take a minute, think about this question to yourself and try to answer as honestly as you can.
Here goes...
What is it that takes a relationship with all it's patterns and habits... and makes it suddenly change for the better?
I'll give you a second to take the question in and consider what it is that has the power to change a relationship between two people.Comment when you're through....^.^

"Get Through To Him" About Your Feelings

Hey Ladies!!!
relationship-problems Did you know that the most important and common reason why relationships succeed or fail isn't what you might think it is?
It's NOT because one partner or the other cheats.
And it's NOT because someone falls "out of love.
"It's something much more subtle.Something that's like a "hidden language" going on underneath the surface of our everyday interactions at all times.
Do you know what it is???
It's our ability to EMOTIONALLY CONNECT with our partner.When we can't connect with our partner- everything seems to go wrong.Even the tiniest things get misunderstood, or can't be resolved.Plus, we just don't FEEL that spark around our partner when we can't CONNECT.But when we can connect, suddenly everything becomes easy and clear.We feel great around each other.And we're constantly finding ways to love, support, and understand one another.It's amazing how just one thing can affect EVERYTHING ELSE.
So  here's something to BLOG about...or get advises from those who have experienced it or mastered it.....>>>
The-art-of-kissingDo you know how to make sure you and the man in your life stay EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED?  
                    If not, you're in for trouble.
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Keyshia Cole Losing You with LYRICS!
Aloha youtubers again this is a video i made when i was looking through some CDs of mine and just felt like making a video lol but yeah enjoy rate comment subscribe and add me as a friend if you wanna...

Ways Women Accidentally Push Men Away

art of Lovely CoupleHi All,
Have you ever had a man break up with you or
pull away all of a sudden?
And you had no clue as to what caused it to
Because as far as you could tell, everything
was going great.
You were spending tons of time together. You
had an amazing "connection". And you KNEW that his
feelings for you were real.
He might have even said the "L" word to you
more than a few times.
But for some reason, he just pulled away one
day. And it left you breathless and wondering
what had just happened?
The truth is, you can't rely on a man to fill
ALL your needs for love and happiness. No one but
you can start yourself down that path.
And he certainly isn't going to figure out how
a relationship SHOULD work, and the best way to
make love last... and guide you through it.
I think you know that this is VERY UNLIKELY.
A man doesn't have all the power to give you
love, or to take it away from you.
He only has the power to SHARE LOVE with you.
But you have to know YOUR PART in love BEFORE love
can last.
YOU have the power to create this for yourself,
and guide yourself to the love life you've always
wanted. So, Let's here your for the MENtell us what you think these women do to push you away.

What A Man Craves In A Woman?

Hi Ladies-
 Ever wondered what a man really wants or needs to feel desperately in love with you?
And what is it that keeps a man 100% SURE that you're the one and only woman for him?
Here's a few question to ask and I need your honest feedback from both gender..Here goes:
1) Why a man chooses one woman and not another, and what makes him STAY?
2) What turns a man on, and what turns him off for good?
3) How to understand how men are with sex and create a relationship where a man will CHOOSE to be loyal and honest with you?
Well this is the time to share your views and have them be heard!MEN,your views are as important as to you>>
What Do YOU Crave In A Woman?